Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dino War Machine Edges Towards Completion

Watch out! It is coming.
I finished the articulated tail today and put on the plasma transmission and receiving unit at the tip.
This is what in human terms could be called a transmitter.
Something that transmits and receives.

The receiving unit is a copper based dish with a phosphor bronze receptor.
This allows for real time transmission between the guns and head.
It is also able to fire or project (if that is a correct word ) a disruptor beam, a matter collapser, that can, at it's highest setting, kill planets.

Both move in syncro and are independent as to firing sequence. At least, they will be when I have finished building this machine.
Also, as the builder, I must apologise to my principals.
These pictures were taken under extreme conditions and are of questionable quality.
Further reports will include highly detailed pictures that will hopefully satisfy your highness' exacting parameters.

Rear firing is not a problem for this machine.
It will be, when completed, be able to fire from a 360 degree attitude, that is, from the ground to the air.
Able to penetrate solid rock, the vacuum of space and the plasma of the sun, this weapon will assure the continued survival of the human race.

This would be the incoming alien aircraft firing position.
The receptor dish at the tip of the tail is able to receive incoming information and is also able to produce a discharge of some 35 Tetra volts towards the enemy.
And I wish all of you to know, the enemy are many.
From within, on the outside, human and alien, they are there, waiting.
And, while I do not want to raise division within our ranks, it has become apparent to our main cloud computers, that the first enemy might be our own politicians.
Believe it or not!
This bears more discussion in the future.
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