Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Opal Pendant, and the Dino War Machine .

Here is a nice pendant I made today. I have done more opal work than normal lately.
I have also been making a lot of schlock jewellery, and I am not going to post it here.
No ways I put fracking front street stuff on my blog and have the whole world laugh at me.
The Dino War Machine, however, continues.
Gatling guns and some ribs and a throat spike are the latest additions.
The guns are not complete, there will still be some spikes added underneath. They also have to be cleaned up, like solder removed and fine sanding and polishing to be done.
Also the head is still in it's infancy.
Man, it still needs a lot of work.
But the tail is next.
This is something I have figured out how to make so that it will be able to be moved in any position, but it is going to need some serious elbow grease to get there.
The trick at this stage is to get everything in proportion. Even though the head is still a little bit big, I know that it will be filed down later, so that is not a problem.
I think the claws are to small at this stage, but I can add some more body to them later.
The tail will add some more weight to the back, allowing the machine to stand in a more Tyrannosaurus Rex posture.
Right now it stands like some dumb chicken at a KFC cheerleader party.
The guns are made with cartridge brass bought at my local Ace as brass rod and then rolled down to flat bar and bent round and soldered.
Then it is filed out to a six sided 'revolver' shape.
The barrels are copper and brass wire that I drew down.
Then I make the top and bottom in a 'cartridge' form.
The arms can move in any direction and they are held in place with the grooved rod in the middle and the collars with a grub screw.

The guns are attached in this manner. It is all still basic. The flanges and screws are still to be carved and filed.
Lot's of detail still to be added.
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