Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Rose, a Ring and the Dino War Machine

Here is a Rose pendant set with a Rhodolite garnet. The leaves are 18ct white gold.
This flower is made from an instructive video that is available here and was made by an excellent metalsmith Luis. F. Moreno. Check the benchtube videos out.
They are a wonderment.
This is an 18ct ring set with a blue tourmaline and two diamonds.
With an African flavour.

The Dino War Machine continues with breathtaking pace.
Don't kid yourself, it might be looking like a headless chicken right now, but just wait.
This is only the chassis.
The red stuff is just the iron plating out on the brass when it is quenched in an acid solution after soldering. I can get rid of it by adding hydrogen peroxide to my acid, which consists of sodium-bi sulfate but it makes the brass all crishy and I don't like that.
It is a mission to polish then and I will remove this at a later stage of manufacture mechanically.
All the guns and plasma cannons and phase disrupting devices will be added after the head and tail are manufactured.
The sides are going to have glass port holes and the inside will have lights inside.
The back is going to have energy conducting spines.
And a phased array of syncro conducing replicators.
These are the power generators of this machine, once it is finished being crafted by my hands and I declare it fully born and released to this world.
Coming to a computer near you soon.
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