Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Antique Motor Prototype.

I found this picture in this Spark Museum
I liked the idea. A design from Daniel Davis from around 1848.
I wanted to try it out with a quick, not to long taking prototype, just to see how it works.

First I made a magnet to sort of get the idea of how strong it's with 1.5 volt torch batteries..

Then another like in the picture.
I got the wire from a thrown away slimming machine I found next to the rubbish bin.
If I could make a living from it, I would take things apart.

I made a perspex platform .
I used three of those batteries to power this machine.

And I mounted the steel bar, which is just standard round bar, with a bolt and nut through the piece of wood.
Then I made a brass wheel and some posts for an axle.
The posts were made by putting the brass stock into a drill press and filing it while it was spinning at about 1000 rpm, until it was the correct thickness for the die nut to accept.
The wheel is made out of 6.4mm brass stock and silver soldered closed.
Then the wheel was bashed round and flat.
All this is normal cartridge brass, I think, and it is very nice to work, actually.
I drilled and tapped three holes in a steel nut.
Makes division quite easy and if you make a mistake, plenty more where that came from.
The 3mm threaded 'bar' holds the axle in place.
With a bit of tweaking, I could get it quite straight.

From the nut, the brass threaded spoke is also threaded through the brass wheel .
I installed them by screwing them from the outside inwards and into the center nut.
Then the iron bars are screwed to them like lock nuts, sort of.
Not very tight, though.

The axle is held true between the brass posts with two brass split washers.
The posts are drilled with a cone from either side, so it actually runs on about 1.5mm wide surface.

I got this one running, with patient Anne's help.
I got a video at the bottom,I think.

Then I made a second magnets with two posts that are separated, but it does not run very well.I think the U shaped one is better.

This is the points wheel.
It's got a nut soldered on the back with a grub screw to made it adjustable.
A bit like the axle nut.
It looks bad, but that's because I connected it to a battery charger to see what would happen.
Two or three sparks later, I didn't look like such a good plan after all.
Anyway, when it runs it's much cleaner.

My wife is ever willing and has endless patience with these things.
I decided making a battery pack might be a good idea.
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