Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Choker, A Laminated Stone and an Electrical Motor

This is an 18kt choker I made for one of my favourite customers, Lynda.
It is a simple and effective concept , designed for clothing with a round shaped neckline.
A ribbon of fused gold that drapes over the shoulders.

This ring is the third of my rhodium plated rings.
The picture shows the more 'chrome' like colour of rhodium as apposed to silver well.
Sigh...what can I do?
Re polishing every two months is no option, so rhodium it is.....
The stone is a CZ that is laminated and cut in an Opposed Bar cut.
This was also one of few of my experimental stones that I cut that worked well.
It's got a colour change CZ in the middle that goes to lavender in daylight.

Time to introduce my latest project.
This is a small permanent magnet dc motor that I took apart.

So then I made a brass circle that was the same size as the casing diameter.

Then I drew out the design, laminated two pieces of brass together, and pierced out the center like in the piece on the left.
That one I made the center to big, so I had to start over again. Bah!
The standing one is the second attempt, ready for the circle that I made in the previous picture to be soldered in.
It's got a spacer soldered between them near the top.
When I solder the sides on I make a cardboard template first and then cut the brass to that.
I leave some extra edging, to be filed off later..
Then I 'start' soldering the strip, in this case at the bottom.
Then I bend it a bit, solder, bend a bit more, solder, all the time using binding wire.

And once I have solderd it to the top, I then then start the other side.
This is the magnet housing finished.
I just screwed it down onto a plastic base with cheepie screws.
It'll get another base once the thing actually works...........
I drilled two 3mm holes through the magnets and attached them to the center ring.
Dang, those magnets are hard.
I used a diamond core drill and a bucketful of patience.
Like drilling quartz, for comparison.
Except that the swarf is magnetic.
I thought the poles might change, or some other catalysmic thing might happen.
But luckily they still work about as well as they ever did, even with thier aorta's cut out.
I'm going to grind some on the bench grinder and see what happens to the powder.
Anyway, this is the small bearing housing inserted in the end post that I cut and carved out of the black part in the first picture with the wires comming out of it.
Test look.
Don't ask me what I am going to do with the top funnel yet.

Next thing is to make a cover for the bearing hole.
A nice elaborate thingi.
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