Thursday, December 24, 2009

Clamps,Pliers,and Tumblers

I do two orders of tools and consumables per year for my workshop.
And when I do, I like to also order something unusual, that might or not might work.
Just sommer.
This one above came in with the last order, and those instructions, half which were illegible.
It is a 45º and 90º tube cutter.
And it has me some what baffled.

It's got a 45º sort of clamp and also a 90º one.
But the grooves are not 90º. And there is no round holes.
It is beautifully made, but there is something I am missing, that's for sure.
And it cost $140 something, so I will phone the supplier eventually.
Like this pair of pliers I must also phone about.
It bends funny but you can't hold anything tight, because of the bending top jaw.

This is my Habour freight $60 tumbler.
At $60 I got exactly what I expected..
The belt broke in the first hour.
Sigh, you buy cheap, you buy twice....
Anyway, so I took off the silly heat shield thing and used an elastic band as a fan belt.
I just happen to have a box of them, and I figured maybe one a day, but the first one lasted four days.
I got no problem putting new ones on.
I bet the stones will be tumbled before the box of elastics run out.

All because I bought that starter kit from Rio.
Sweet baby.
So I tossed in a handful of aqua rough and some larimar and sugelite off-cuts and I'll work that tumbler so hard that it will enter Zombie land with a lifetime free pass.
You know, I admire the builder.
He made a profit from the build.
I admire the sales man who sold the concept, he earned his salary
And the bank who financed it, they earned their interest.
I admire the construction difficulties that were overcome and I am also a bit concerned that it might actually be four wheel drive.
What really fascinates me is the kind of people who rent that kind of car.
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