Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dino War Machine Finished

Finally finished. Ok, temporally finished would be a better way to describe it, because I am still going to make a glass and brass egg for the Machine.
But that is next years work.
I am now officially suffering from project fatigue.
I made the pictures slightly bigger than normal when you click on them, for more detail.

All the components pre assembled. I made this thing so that everything can be disassembled.
Everything can be unscrewed. This is so that cleaning and polishing is easier when tarnish sets in, as it will, even though it has a clear coat of lacquer on it.
It took me 3 days to polish everything.
Sometimes I REALLY miss apprentices.

A total of 375 different hand made pieces.
Everything is hand made, including the nuts, bolts and washers.
Total time spent building, 182 hours.
Weight just shy of a kilogram.
Height 200mm.
Length 300mm

Showing the under cooling system.

Side view of the head. All those copper guns and rings can be unscrewed.

The eyes were very difficult to get right.
I made them seven times over. In onyx, then perspex then gold, then 3 different silver shapes, until I got this one.
Eventually I settled on blackening them with Liver of Sulphur, and screwing them on with a 14kt gold screw. The screw key made a nice 'cat eye' effect, I thought.
Fracking mission, though

Incoming enemy aircraft about to be sent to the next dimension.

The gears on the back look red, but that is just a reflection of all the copper parts.

Top view.

The tail is articulated. It uses the same design as the GRS spring tweezers do, for those goldsmiths reading this.
That is a ball clamped between two plates. Thanks GRS!

A close up of the back spines. The spines screw into the back, holding the spine in place.
Picking this machine up is like picking up a hedgehog.
Promise, on a number of occasions I have pricked myself that blood flows.
There might not have been tears, but certainly blood and sweat.
A close up of the main Gatling gun.
It swivels up and down and sideways also.
The secondary gun.
The one that shoots plutonium bullets, making the vanquished enemy corpses glow in the dark.

Commin' at ya sideways, baby......
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