Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Ring, A Bangle and Rain

Vicky brought in some old jewellery that was in serious need of some remodeling.

So from the 18kt gold I made this ring.
Got to say, if there is a signature style I have, then this is it.
I really like making fused rings with diamonds set in little balls of gold.
I have made fused jewellery all my life and I still like making it.

Anne took this picture. Much nicer than my industrial looking pictures......
Show's the women's touch, not?

And then with the 14kt gold I made this bangle.
40 grams gives it a nice solid feel.

This is a corporate logo I made as a pendant
The before and oncoming rain outside my shop window.
If you look carefully, you'll see there is a rainbow.
I ran outside with my new gold testing kit, but nothing I tested reacted the way gold would.
Maybe it was the rain that interfered with the tester, I don't know.
Oh well, better luck next time.

Copyright, he of the working class, takes a break on my diamond saw from a hard bout of sunflower seed cracking
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