Monday, December 28, 2009

Rings, Balls and a Sign

I first carved a wax ring for Lynda more or less on the design she wanted.
I used her diamond, still set in the old tube.

To give an idea of what the ring is going to look like I spray the model with gold spray paint.
Like this.

And this.
Then I just wash it off with a bit of lacquer thinners before sprueing.

Cast and finished
Here is a ring I carved the titanium piece first, then carved the wax ring.
So the two thingamabob's at the bottom will be drilled through.

So that it fits in like this.
You can check the small holes I drilled in the wax on the sides of the ring.
They pilot holes for the titanium.
If I can put the titanium in after the ring is cast, instead of casting the titanium with the ring, then everything much easier to finish off.
This is one of four wax cast silver rings I am busy finishing off.

All the rings are rhodium plated.
First plated onto the silver with palladium and then rhodium.
I was going the copper/zinc/rhodium route, but the zinc fracks up the polish.
And palladium and rhodium are much easier, me thinks...
A while ago I was messing around with putting fine gold balls into custom cut stones.
I started with CZ and this was one of my first successful results.
There is only one ball inside, only the faceting makes it looks like there are five.
So I thought it appropriate to set this one in a somewhat over the top ring.
This stone also makes a ticking noise when you shake it.
Sorry for the glue at the bottom of the picture.

It's blue zirconia at the bottom and clear on the top.
I made similar stones here .

HA ha, I was grinning at this freaking Avast pop up that stayed like a tick through the whole cycle.
I have been interested in acquiring a sign like this and that is why I went closer, to see if there was a manufacturer's sticker.
No such luck.
Very nice though..super bright too.
Still, it means a computer is connected to the sign.
So rule one..Get pop up blocker.
Rule two, remove all office party pictures from the office computer.
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