Monday, January 18, 2010

The Expanded Retro-Futuristic Power Source

The "Expanded Retro-Futuristic Power Source" for the Dino War Machine project.
That's my name and I'm sticking with it.......
This one only took about 70 hours.

Side view showing the heavy, high voltage power input coils.
Actually, I exaggerate a little bit.
They actually 6 volts but if no one says anything then I'll also keep quiet.
The motor in the front is how it looked before I modified it.
I got all this from the two printing machines that my buddy was throwing away.
I made the Gear Gun out of them as well.
I have mounted it onto a piece of Mukwa wood from Botswana.
This is actually the second phase of the Dino War Machine project.
The third and last phase will be the construction of a semi translucent glass and brass egg in which the Dino War Machine will be encased.
Dino's came from eggs and so does mine.
This motor will then be the power source used to open and close the egg.
I say this, but actually I have not the faintest idea how I'm going to build it.

The end bearing housing.
I drilled holed through the magnets and that works well.
I did not want to use any glue. I never use glue if I can help it.
It was quite tricky to align the bearings and armature up, because there is only about a millimeter of play between the magnets and coils.
The brushes on the commutator.
A sprocket with a chain will be mounted on the end shaft sticking out the bearing housing
The other side showing the inspection hatch.

The Dino War Machine came to inspect my handy work and luckily found it passably OK.

He wasn't quite happy with one or two points, but after I had grovelled enough and thrown myself prostrate in front of him, he wondered off without saying anything.....
If you click on the picture, you'll see his evil glint in his eye.
You DO NOT frack with this guy.
The motor looks bigger than the Dino, but he is nearly double its height. Weird
I include this picture to show my soldering methodology.
I have a sliding solder pad and sometimes it is real handy to be able to solder right in front of yourself.
It normally slides in the opening at the top right of my bench.
Sort of real nice to be able to pull it out and look down on it and see if everything is straight.
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