Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Laminations and a New Concept Stone.

With this one, I had hoped to get a vibrant purple.
But it figures, because blue and red make purple, so pink and blue would give a sort of mauve colour.
That would be the two triangles on either side.

Ok, so this one I actually didn't know what would come out.
I made the blue piece a bit bigger because I figured that it was the weaker colour.
This is called the 'thinking too much effect'.

This one came out quite nice.
I photo'd it so that the original yellow colour can be seen, and the olive green when the blue and yellow are mixed.

This stone is the first of a brand new concept.
I call this one the "Labyrinth Stone"
Basically, I preformed a pavilion and polished the top.
And then I pierced out a 18kt gold " Labyrinth" design and laminated it onto the pavilion.

Then I laminated a clear top onto it.
I also inserted a three gold balls into the stone at the same time.
You can see two of them at the bottom left side.
Then I faceted the top in a standard emerald cut.
So now the trick is to tilt the stone so that all three balls wind up in the tri-angle shape on the right.
It is not at all easy.

This stone is 15mm x 10mm and the gold girdle is 1.2mm.
The next one will have a couple of improvements.
The pavilion will be of a darker colour because the gold and the bottom facets merge too much.
The crown will have fewer facets because the little balls tend to disappear under the break facets.
And the gold design will be much more complex.
We live, we learn.
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