Saturday, February 20, 2010

A New Lathe and a New Sign.

Got my new lathe.
This is a small one, mostly for gem related work.
I must say, for $650 from it is probably one of the nicest bang for your buck machines that a jewellery shop can have.
Nice and compact.
Ok, you need to do some adjustments, tighten various things up, but that is to be expected at this price point.
But it can even cut threads, and it comes with a faceplate and even a steady rest.
Most impressive.
This will be a sacrificial machine, in as much that I am going to be doing a lot of gem work, and diamond dust and quartz chips I suspect are going to shorten this machines life somewhat.

The first thing I did was to shape some quartz, just to get the feel of it and what it actually feel like to turn stone.
I am familiar with metal, but stone was something new to me.

Then I core drilled an amethyst that I dopped onto a dop of my Imahashi gem cutting machine.
I used to do this in my drill press and that works ok, but now it is so much easier.

I made a dop holder so that I can remove the dop and replace it in the same position.

Bingo, concentric circles. After I finish faceting this stone, I want to inlay gold into the circle and then set diamonds pavé into the gold..
Lots of new things I am going to do.........

The corner shop in this building closed down.
So some space became available for us to put a sign up.
I had to shift my gem cutting machine to make some space temporarily.
My workshop is getting a bit crowded, which is a typical symptom of tool junkie disease.
Anne prints out the letters and then after they cut out I use them as templates to draw and paint them onto a sheet of sign board.
In the old days I used to make illuminated signs and install them for a living and then I would draw the letters free hand, but now with computers, it becomes so much easier.
Gotta love technology.

Ol' bright eyes on the ladder. This sign cost less that $200 and took two days to make.
Simple and effective.
Like the saying goes, " Make your shop easy to find"
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