Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Titanium Pendant, Carved Intarsia and a Trailer

This is my latest Carved Aquamarine -Titanium- Gold-Diamond-Emerald pendant.

It's about 50mm high.

About 30 hours of work.
The Aqua can be spun, if you so desire.

Everything is mechanically joined.
The four screws at the bottom of the picture are made in this sequence:
Head soldered onto threaded wire, and cut to length.
Spacer tubing cut to fit into threaded wire.
Tubing threaded and then I assembled the pendant.
Then I filed the threaded tubing to the right length and the I set a diamond into it.
The I unscrewed the threaded tubing, with the diamond now set in it.
That way the diamond tube can be screwed on and off without the diamond being popped out by the threaded screw.
Does that make sense?
This is my first attempt at some carved intarsia.
I laminated some onyx/larimar/onyx and then carved this design out of it.
It's about 60mm high and not quite finished, because I want to make a reversible pendant out of it, so, many a slip between the cup and the lip.....
Anyway, I think it's quite unusual, sort of sculptural.

This is photo No. 395 of "Outside My Window" series.
This guy just loaded his boat onto the trailer and proceeded down the road sans wheel.
I mean, he KNEW there was no rim and tyre on it.
Only in St. Maarten people, only in St. Maarten.
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