Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of a Coptic Cross and Rings.

Classic fused sapphire and diamond ring.
The diamonds had to be set randomly.
This ring was commissioned. It has lots of symbolism attached.
It's called the "Broken Promise" ring---'nuff said.
Can I call this a Coptic cross?
Commissioned work.
Made out of yellow and white gold with a blued titanium background.

First I pierced it out and then made a white gold circle the right size.
Then I cut it into four and set it up in wax.
This has to be done very accurately, because visually the four pieces of gold that make up a circle go wonky very easily.
Then I make a small strip of copper and bend it around the cross.

Dental plaster. Doesn't have to be though. I have used Satin Cast as well before.
So now the plaster is set and ready to be heated up for soldering.

Oh boy, I have done this a million times before, and here things nearly went pear-shaped.
'Ol bright eyes decided to use a new paste flux, instead of my usual Pripps flux.
And then the solder didn't penetrate in between the joints, so it only flowed on the top.
Ah well, I broke the cross out and cleaned it out and then soldered it from the other side.
Then I filed the excess solder off from the back, so it was all good in the end.
As Oscar said "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. "
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