Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quest for Fire

Remember the movie"Quest for Fire"?
Well this has got nothing to do with that.
That movie came to an abrupt end after the invention of the Bic lighter.
This is in search of CZ lamination fire. So now you know.
Above are the laminated preforms.

I cut this one in the Wilf Ross rectangular cut.
This is the second one I have done.
The first one I put in a Niobium and Gold pendant.
In this cut there are eight 'star' facets on the pavilion that I left out this time, because, although I was well satisfied with the first one, I wanted this stone to be less crishy.
It sort of does not jumble the colours up so much.
And it worked.
The violet is actually colour change CZ so there is a large play of colours in different lighting conditions.

Shot from the bottom.

This cut is called the "Hans cutting by the seat of his pants" cut.
Yellow and blue CZ.
I knew I would get something green but it was seriously experimental.
I'll do another one in the Ross cut soon.

Up skirt shot.

This Aqua carved and finished.
It goes into a ring with a diamond set in white gold in the middle.
6 carats.

This is the rough Nigerian Aqua.
And this is the finished piece.
I call it an 'Architectural carving'.
It will go into a titanium and diamond pendant, coming soon to a computer near you.

In my previous post I posted how I had a near miss soldering some gold pieces together.Making the Coptic Cross.
I got a couple of e-mails asking me why do I put my mistakes online.
As in 'you will ruin your reputation'.
Not really.
Everybody makes mistakes, and if you think that one was bad, try this one.
From 10cts down to 6.6cts.

The hole is drilled and all is well on the western front.
Then I dopped it onto a dop of my gem cutting machine.
Through the hole.
What was I thinking?
Well, I was going to carve the design on the bottom, then complete the faceting and polishing.
Then I was going to heat up the dop and pull it out.
And realign and dop it and then facet the top.
That is how I remove all the dops of stones I cut, with heat.

Oh dearie me, that was dumb.
The dop heated up, expanded, and since it had nowhere to go, split the stone into three parts.
Sigh, we learn, we learn.
Even at my age.........
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