Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bracelet, a Bangle, Rings and a New Concept Stone

I finished this man's bracelet in gold.
37 grams
Looks classy.

And a 18kt bangle in 18ct gold.
55 grams.

And this ring in 18kt with diamonds for a drop dead gorgeous lady.

This one, a commission, her design, and her gold.

I been messing around with experimental gem cutting.
These are four stones I cut the pavilions of separately.
Then they were laminated together.
That was a little tricky, I promise.
Then I cut the tops as one stone.
These are the pavilions that were first cut.
I just cut them in a simple step cut, because it's only a proof of concept so far.
Bit of dopping glue still there.

The collectively cut top just in a cut that I invented as I went along....

Turned out nice, but it took a week to finish, what with the resin hardening and the jig I had to make for it.
I cut all the tables equal and the set them on a watch glass so the pavilions would be level.
You can just see the watch glass under them.
Then I set the four corner posts in some resin putty.
When it was hard I pulled each stone out and applied resin to the pre-polished sides and the carefully put them back.
Then I waited five fracking days before I could cut the top.
Picture of my Imahashi tang undergoing open heart surgery in the mean time.
Ready to rock and roll again.
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