Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jewellery and Aquamarines and Lathe Work

This ring, made on commission and my clients design.
18ct white gold and a yellow gold tube.
The opal doesn't photograph so good, but it is actually a very nice stone

A fused bangle in yellow gold.

This aqua weighs 5.44ct.
It would have been bigger, but I was chasing the dragon on this stone something terrible.
I know the phrase "chasing the dragon" is heroin related, but I use it when I am carving.
This fracking crack, you chase to kill. Sometimes the crack wins, sometimes you do.
This one was better behaved.
At 9.90ct, it will go into a ring.
Thing is I sold all the aqua jewellery that is on my front page of my website so I am making new stuff.
This is a VERY convoluted aqua that is destined to become a pendant.
The colour looks enhanced, but it is true, at 6.50cts
It is the finest aqua material, colour wise, that I have ever carved.
I tried to get some more, but nada, it was a small pocket and none was left.
( aqua is normally heated to remove the green component of the colour)

I am really enjoying my new little lathe I bought.
I can buy a drill chuck arbour but it's much more fun to turn out a Morse taper and then fit a chuck to it.

The second thing I made was a live center out of stainless steel.
I know, I can buy one for $70 but I wanted to make on so I can get the feel of the lathe.

I fitted two bearings in it.

Then I made a inside thread cutting tool out of tool steel, hardened it and cut a 40 teeth per inch thread on the inside,

I turned out a threaded stainless steel washer that holds the bearings in place.
The live point is removable, so I can change it to another profile if I want.
Show time.
Okay, so this lathe is not a Myford, but it can do some nice turning work, once the wrinkles have been smoothed out.
At $650 a really nice addition to any jewellery workshop.
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