Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jewellery and a Imahashi Service

Amy's with diamonds.
This one had to have the 'rough' look.....
She was jogging and she picked up a crushed ring set that contained these diamonds.
So I made this for her.

Just a whole bunch of jewellery that I made on commission and also for stock.
I put this on my blog for record purposes, so I can see what I was doing at the time.

My Imahashi Gem Cutting machine needed a service.
It is really simple to pull apart and change the bearings.

Also very easy to put back together.
Basically one flange housing, two bearings and a center shaft.
A coat of white poly urethane, new stainless steel bolts and we are ready to roll.
Thirty four years old and still going strong.
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