Thursday, March 11, 2010

Titanium Ring and Road

I have made a similar titanium ring like this before.
This one, however, has an emerald cut diamond in the center with little diamonds around it.
And my client wanted it higher and broader than the first one.
This type of ring is quite tricky to make.
One reason is that the size has to be right first time, it cannot be sized easily afterwards.
In fact if the size is wrong it would be best to start over, rather than try size it.
I start with some serious grunt work.
This is a 20mm thick piece of titanium.

Once I have cut out the block I drill a hole into it and the file it to the right size for the finger.
I took pictures of the filing process, but for the life of me I cannot find them, so they were probably deleted.
This happens to older people..................
Anyway there was a whole lot of filing done after this picture was taken, believe me.
So then the two sides are pierced out of 18kt gold plate and then I drilled holes through them and the titanium.
With temporary wires holding everything in place, I soldered the top part on, so the top plate is held in place by the two sides which will be riveted together later.
Then I removed the titanium center and finished it up and blued it.
I get that type of blue by first polishing and rouge-ing it and then heating it slowly until it goes to that blue.
One can't do it electrically. ( at least, I have never succeeded )
All that was left to do was to rivet the sides on and set the diamonds.
Total work time 25 hours.
Weight 17.7 grams
They finally decided to fix the potholes on the side of our shop building.
With tar, can you believe it.
Usually they came with a couple of labourers and mix up some cement and slap it into the holes.
Now tar--I feel so privileged......
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