Friday, April 16, 2010

Aqua Pendants, Rings, Lathes and Moto GP.


Replacement piece. This is a really nice coloured aqua but it had some rather contortionistic  inclusions, if I might use that word. So I had to carve and carve, all the time chasing the flaws.

The pendant is there fore was also made in a contortionistic manner. Repous√©  with 18kt yellow and white gold and small diamonds.



Just finished this ring


It came from these two rings. The left one  was her mom’s engagement ring and the  right hand one was hers. I like doing work like this. Sort of 100 years of rings into one. I always wonder who the goldsmiths that made the original rings were.


I made a micro feed onto my lathe. It is a small electric motor that has a reduction gearbox, so it can spin from zero to 6rpm. It uses 0 to 24 volts, so when I disconnect the lead screw gear, I can control the feed. This is great for fine finishing a piece.


I made a sleeve that can be disconnected when it is not necessary to use.. Also the sleeve acts as a shear pin, should I in one sober moment forget to disconnect it. One can never be too safe.


Anne and I are complete fanatics when it comes to Moto GP. And the season has just started last week. After months of nothing. We used to be into F1 but Formula 1 has just become a Mandrax tablet, real snore stuff. Moto GP, on the other hand, we watch live on my computer with a live feed from the track. …..And it is on the edge of the seat exciting…..Costs about $120 a year and a broadband connection, but boy, is it fun on a Sunday or what.

Nothing like a braai, a couple  dozen of frosties and Moto GP…………… trust me on this one…………..

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