Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jewellery, Stones and Petrol Theft


This is my latest main piece, finished from the Mr Spessartite post.  18ct gold with a nice .20ct diamond . This piece of jewellery uses all my skills as a gem cutter, goldsmith and setter.


Silver ring with a tourmaline. Her design. I made a tutorial out of it.


One of my signature rings. 18ct yellow and white gold set with diamonds.


Experimental gemstone. Not the best quality, but rhodolite garnet laminated to zavorite garnet.


Colour change CZ cut in a new cut I got from gemmology online called a , wait for it, Squartugese, That, for the questioning, is a mix of  Portuguese cut and a square cut….So know you know. Designed by Marco Voltolini ,it is quite spectacular, much nicer that the picture, returns an excellent amount of brilliance and dispersion and is easy to cut. Doesn’t get much better than that. About 13mm in diameter. Left is florescent light and the right side is incandescent light.


So now we come to the grotty part of this post. This morning I climb into my little pickup and I go to town. I keep on smelling petrol. So, on my way back I look down at the petrol gauge and the fracking thing is empty. I know Anne filled it up a few days before, so I thing there must be a leak in the fuel line.

Get back and I have a look. Fracking locals at it again. They punched a hole in the bottom and a air hole in the top. I JUST made it back.


So I tapped a thread into the tank and screwed two stainless steel bolt into both holes. The bottom one I put felt washers with steel epoxy in it. I hope it works, otherwise I’ll have to turn a nylon plug  and try that. A new petrol tank is like $500 and it’s a MISSION to install.

I am leaving the bolts like they are, all visible, so the ethnics can steal the petrol easier. Last time they smashed the filler pipe and that was a real  schlep to fix.

It’s an Easter thing. They all go down to Mullet Bay on Monday, get shitfaced drunk and stoned and after they finished fighting they go out and steal petrol because all the money has been spent on booze.

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