Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rings, Pendants, a Hammer and Lathe Stuff


Stock replacement and  my signature style. This time I used yellow gold on the outside instead of white gold.


This pendant with lots of sentimental value attached. The bail is made from her mothers wedding ring and the diamond is also part of the engagement ring. She wanted a ‘nuggety’ type of pendant.


Made and set this week.



Stock replacement. All this stuff is cast.


Also stock. I put on 90% of the jewellery I make, because this blog started out as a diary of my work, so I got to remain true to that, even though it sometimes becomes a bit repetitive to me.

Hammer-Head Hammer

For about thirty years I have been meaning to make myself a little hammer that I use only for riveting things together. Like in peaning the rivets over. Well the time has come. The head is stainless steel and the handle is brass. I turned them out on my lathe and it works a treat.


Speaking of my lathe, I made a tailstock lock for it this week.


It’s like a cam that is connected to the lever in the first picture.



The original was a really grotty nut that had to be tightened with a spanner and it was always a mission. Especially when small things are being turned and the cross slide is up close. Problem solved and it works very well.

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