Friday, May 7, 2010

New River to Paddle

I always have to have a thing I am doing.

Like if it is guitar playing or painting or lamination gems,…. I have to have a “gier”------  as in Dutch for a craze.

This is the stuff that keeps me busy doing dip sanity dippy.

But of course jewellery and gem cutting reign supreme. If they didn't, I would not be able to put porridge on the table. And then I would starve, and then you would not be reading this. Kidding…kidding…

But from time to time I get bored with making jewellery and cutting stones. Ok, bored might not be the right word, because I never get bored, but I get antsi to do something else.

So I deviate. This is not a good thing as such, because it can fuck ruin up your direction, but on the other hand it can lead you up different paths, and that is not so bad.

So my latest thingi is miniature motors.. Like in steam. Like in Steam Punk……

I want to make a mini boiler, that makes steam and then it powers another motor that makes electricity and  then it powers an motor that makes light, or cleans the pool or powers a vibrator.

Ok , scrap the vibrator thing, even though it does exist.

So I started by buying a steam machine kit. After I figure out the funny diagrams, I will post my progress, I promise.

And I started making a mini boiler. Like a little boiler that makes steam to power the steam engine that I am going to build to make electricity to power the corn cob machine….like that..


So I made a round ring and soldered it onto a brass plate about 50m by 25mm.


Like this. I use my own mix of silver solder that I concocted up and eventually got a good mix. ( Dino days ago)

8  grams of fine silver, 2 grams of copper and 1 gram of zinc. Makes a shit hot cool silver solder so hard that even Brad Pitt would be jealous -------- Sorry Angi, juuuuust kidding…..


I drilled the top with 1,8mm holes after I domed it.


Then I turned a propane mixer and soldered it to the burner. This is basic lathe work, and looks more cool that it is easy. Promise. The air holes are 7mm and the overall diameter is 13mm. The  jet is .04mm drilled with a ball frazer.


Here she is litten up..  Ain’t she cute?

More coming soon as Hans paddles down his latest  Steam Punk Gier river.

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