Sunday, May 2, 2010

Odds and Ends

It is Carnival time on the Island

This means that all government, banks, post offices and anything remotely related to bureaucracy closed for Wednesday to Sunday. A forced holiday. Also there is an influx of locals from all the other islands. This includes  some undesirables. Quite a few in fact. So to pre-empt any theft from my car, I made the rear-view mirrors more difficult to steal.


I bought some cap screws and drilled a hole in the middle and then press fitted a hardened steel pin into it.


This can only be removed with a allen key in which I have drilled a corresponding hole into.


Ha! Try remove that, sucker….

I have been into music since I was a youngster. First I had a collection of 45’s. Then I had a large collection of LP’s . That morphed into a large collection of four tracks……Then CD’s came along, and eventually I replaced my entire record collection with CD’s. Fair deal, I was not the only one in the world suffering from the advance of technology.

Then MP3’s came along. So I made my entire collection into the MP3 format and I bought a tetra drive and now I only play my music through a computer. The computer can feed into a 500 watt Samson powered speaker system, so when Anne is not around I can listen to some serious sounds. Or, for that matter into my normal home system when she is around—whatever.

Now I want to buy new music. ITunes. I can’t buy from them because I don’t have “ US sourced funds” My credit card or Pay Pal ain’t good enough. So I buy iTunes gift cards on E Bay, and then I can redeem them on fracking I tunes. At 30% more. Then when I have bought the tune, and it is mine, I have fracking Steve Jobs DRM (digital rights management) to contend with. So I strip the tune and then I can play it on a normal computer, not a iFrack device only.

Amazon—I buy about $4000 of things from Amazon a year. Cameras, Kindle, Kindle books, Hardware, Software all kinds of shit. Music, I get told that : This is not available in your region” Fuck you Amazon and iTunes.

But I want to PAY for my music. I don’t care for Steve Jobs fracking paranoia. I don’t care for some idiot New York lawyer who screams COPYRIGHT!!!! you can’t buy this.

I just want to pay for a tune I like, buy it and listen to it. Or I go to Pirate Bay –Easy. I can get them for free there.

It’s the old saying: MAKE YOUR SHOP EASY TO FIND--

So sue me…..It is no wonder music gets downloaded illegally. The corporate dicks make it so.

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