Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of a Boiler and a Little Machine.

So then I turned out the bottom plate on my lathe and I marked out all the holes needed.

Then I domed it in my big doming die.

This is the central flue that conducts the heat from the burner through the center of the boiler.
It needed 5mm rods going through the center. These will collect heat and transfer it into
the water.
I didn't have any 5mm copper rod so I made some.
How to make this variable ingot can be found at this link.

Drawing the wire/rod in a draw bench.
How to make this machine can be found at this link:

Then I brazed the rods in. They will stick out in the water.

I brazed in four heat spikes in the domed bottom and also brazed in the center chimney.
Check out the rods inside the center chimney. They collect heat from the gas burner and transfer it into the water.
Two extra flue /heat transfer pipes are brazed in from the bottom of the boiler.
This picture shows them standing up but actually when they are brazed in the are flush to the bottom domed copper plate.

View from the top. Heat transfer spikes at the bottom and the three flues.

So I connected a propane gas bottle to this thing and fired it up.
I have a variable regulator on the bottle ( the orange thingi ) so I can dial whatever gas pressure I need.

Intimate view of the gas burner.

Water boiling. It took seven minutes to bring room temperature water to boil.
The top of the brass container will be brazed closed and the vessel will become a pressure vessel, with a safety valve, gauges etc.
All this is done so that I can create steam to power the little motor I built in the video.

In the video, I am using my air compressor to run it. I have never built something like this and until I actually connected the air hose to this motor I had no idea that it would actually work.
Well, it did, so now I know.
This motor is completely unfinished, so I am going to take it apart and add some serious steam punk bling to it--as soon as I have finished my boiler.
To answer Jason in a previous post who asked:

"Why the different metals for the body? Looks or a specific purpose? "
I have no reason other than that is the material I have on hand.
And to the excellent repousé artist Kirstin Skyles,
I think this post makes it more clear?
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