Friday, May 28, 2010

Pendants and Boilers.


I made this pendant with a titanium background. About 40 by fifty millimetres –very dramatic.


I must say there was a certain sense of “Schadenfreude” in making this pendant. Because they were David Yurman earrings and I can’t stand Yurman jewellery. So when she came in with the set of earrings and said she didn’t like them and could I do something with them Anne and I came up with this design.

Carved lapis Lazuli set in 18kt gold . I think it worked well and she loved it .


This is a typical eastern made tennis bracelet that is sold on front street here in St Maarten. They always advertise the bracelet as having 1ct of diamonds in it. Well, I have taken many of them apart and they are mostly under weight. This one came in a .94ct. That is only .06ct on weight but when you make ten thousand of them as the big eastern manufacturers do, then the savings are substantial. Like 600 carats of stone which, at the value of those stones  at about $400/carat wholesale would make a saving of $240,000 -----------So don’t say you have not been warned……..



This was the pendant that she wanted. I only set 14 diamonds in it. The pendant is about 35 mm high and 25 mm wide and that took all the gold of the tennis bracelet. ---Go figure…

My boiler continues.



Here I have made the top cover plate and the bottom base.



This is the top cover removed showing the four threaded flanges for the safety valve, pressure gauge, filler nipple and steam outlet. The copper plate was brazed in along with the three heat flues. Believe me, that took some soldering gymnastics to get all that nicely melted and the solder flashed around the separate parts. The next day I tested the boiler to 200lbs per square inch (1500 kPa ) and there were no leaks and I didn’t put myself in low orbit, so all is well. It is only going to operate at 60 lbs so I am quite happy with the leeway.


This is the under part where the gas burner will be fitted. coming to a computer screen near you soon.


And for all the thechies on this blog. I needed to have some brass rod on Sunday last week. And I had none, so I cut a piece of 15mm  gas copper tubing and positioned it as shown and then I melted brass and poured it into the tubing. There is a clamp holding the copper tube and a magnet holding the clamp to the metal melting table. The picture shows the brass just poured.


I put it into the vice and peeled off the copper tubing. I had blackened the copper tubing inside prior to pouring, so that the brass would not stick to the copper. You can see the black on the brass. Also, check out how the brass has made the inside of the copper tubing gold coloured…there is a jewellery technique in there somewhere.


A home made brass rod, ladies and gentlemen.


Bingo!   The safety valve, pressure gauge flanges etc being turned.

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