Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rings, Machines and Boilers.


I made these rings for Lynda. There are actually five rings that are loose so they can be shifted around or worn separately. All the diamonds come out of her mothers original ring, so there is some sentimental value attached.


This is what the original ring looked like.



And this turquoise which dates from the 1950’s was made with 14kt gold. It is very nice material, comes from the USA.



This is a picture of the motor that I am busy building. This is not my motor, merely how it can look when is finished.


Mine is at this stage. I am not going to make it like the picture. Once I get the basic thing running, I am going to take it apart and steam punk it. I, mean it runs off steam, so steam punk is appropriate, me thinks.


This is with the valve shown. I have turned out the cylinders today.


At the same time I am busy making a boiler to generate steam. This is the body being turned true on my lathe.


I had to cast a plate of copper for the ends. I tried to buy some 2mm plate on the island but no cigar. So I thought frack it, I am not going to wait 6 weeks while some copper arrives from America.


So I cast a plate from old scraps that a buddy had given me. Then I rolled it out on my roller.


Now as you can see the  copper was to wide for just the flat part of the roller. So I rolled it one way, then flipped it around and rolled it the other way. It did leave some slight lines on the final rolled out piece.


But after turning it out on my lathe bingo, we ready to boogie. One I have turned both plates to size I will braze then into the ends of the brass tube.


This is a boiler and machine made by Dutch model builder Jan Ridders.  He is  seriously good .

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