Friday, June 11, 2010

The Boiler and World Peace


So I make a casing and a wire circle. This is to make a pressure  gauge for my boiler.Pressure-Guage-7

I solder the ring in and drill holes for the ornamental rivet I want to put in.

Pressure-Guage-3 Making rivets. Ok, pseudo rivets. I melt a ball onto a piece of copper wire.


Ten I use a hollow punch and bliksem the copper  ball until it does what I want.Pressure-Guage-1 Melted, cut, bliksemed ( bliksem is Afrikaans slang for hitting something hard, and actually means lightning, as in thunder, lightning, bang.) So now you know….Pressure-Guage-8So now I have soldered them all in.Pressure-Guage-6This is the actual pressure gauge mechanism. Just to ‘splain. The pressure, air or steam, comes into the center hole . Then it goes into the hollow copper tube . (The two holes in the bottom of the picture are not connected to the center hole or copper tube.)

The pressure causes the copper tube to expand outwards. This moves the brass mechanism on the left of the picture to make the ‘hour hand’ in the front of the gauge to move forward or backwards. Depending on the pressure, Clever, not? The mechanism is just a cheap ten dollar thingi I bought at Ace.

Cutting-the-Glass Anyway, so I cut a 2mm glass face on my Imahashi to fit the gauge.Pressure-Guage-glassThe gauge, with the glass and retaining ring and back cover ready to be installed. Boiler-1

Then I made two platforms and mounted the pressure gauge onto one. I drew 6mm copper air-conditioning tubing from 6mm to 3mm, but I don’t like the ‘fuzziness’ of the bends. I want something more crisp and clean, so I will make 90 degree bends and tighten things up a bit. I also made a safety valve, on the top of the boiler. It works with a ball bearing and spring. Safety valves are necessary, because if you don’t have on, it is quite easy to go into low orbit quite unannounced. Liney

This is the miniature steam engine I built a while ago.  You can see it running here. Boiler-2

The Bunsen burner thingi will fit underneath the boiler.

The motor will be used to power world peace and make the planet perfect so we can all go to the beach and lie in the sun and drink red wine and design beautiful jewellery. S’true…..

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