Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Ring, Bangles, and the Boiler, (of course).


One of my Seascape rings set with Larimar. I like making picture rings.Titanium-Bangle

This titanium bangle is made first by beating the hell out of it with ball punches on the red repouss√©  pitch. Then filing the hell out of it and then polishing the hell out of it. A nice amethyst from Bolivia that I cut in the standard brilliant cut. The rest is  all bashed and fused 18ct gold and silver.


This one is replacement stock. The center stone is an amethyst I cut and drilled a polished hole in for the emerald. This one is not ‘Fraidy cat, but her cousin Trooluf.


I turned some wax on my lathe and sprued it up for casting.


I cast it with Rio Grande’s ‘Antique Bronze. I had bought a couple of pounds of it sometime ago and was itching to try it out. So when some jewellery casting work came along, I tagged it onto the cast. I must say, I really like it. It melts really easy, doesn’t fume and it’s also really liquid quick. You can see it’s also sort of brownish red, compared to the cartridge brass which my boiler is made out of.

To the left of the chimney is the safety valve. The bush in the front of the chimney will have the inlet valve to fill the boiler with water.


Front view of my boiler thus far.


I tidied up the pressure gauge piping and made a outlet valve on the left of the picture.


The outlet valve. I made the tubing 4.5mm instead of 3mm like in the pressure gauge. I think I got another three weeks of work on the boiler, so, nearly finished. It is always the finishing of any piece that takes the longest.


A nice picture of dusk outside my shop window that Anne took.

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