Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shutter Bang, Bangles and Boilers

This week has been really hot weather. Those clouded, neutral grey days where there is not a breath of wind. Hurricane ‘a commin’.. type of feeling. I have never in seven years experienced such hot weather. And to compound the  problem, on Saturday morning the shutter died.


There was this “BANG” and the thing dropped down. Not even a manual effort would raise it. On Saturday morning. No businesses to fix this are open on a weekend, St Maarten style.


So I phoned the landlord. She is a local lady. She was at home with her babies, so there was no chance that she would do anything until Monday.




Anyway, this week I made a Titanium bangle to replace some sold stock.


The Amethyst has been drilled  and an emerald set in it. The background is silver and fused 14ct gold. These bangles are difficult to make with lots of snot and tears potential. ( like they go so wrong it’s time to scrap and start again.) This one came out OK. I am going to make two more for stock in the next couple of weeks. Sometimes thing go so wrong, especially when the work is on the edge of difficulty, that the scrap effect kicks in.

This used to freak me out big-time in the old days. The piece would hit the wall at 700km/h. But now I just throw it into the recycle box. I have realized, that in making difficult pieces, shit happens. Part of the cycle. This one worked OK.


I made some silicone moulds with these two shells and then I cast them in 14ct gold. These were commissioned pieces with her gold. I like the detail. Shells always have detail that is not really noticeable in the raw, but once  that form has been transferred into metal, the detail become apparent. Thing is though, one can’t burn out shells in an oven at all, what with the high calcium content. You got to first make a mould, then inject wax and go from there.


This is a wedding set I made a few years ago for our very good friends Stephen and Breehan. It’s got a bit of wear on it but since I had to put some more diamonds into the wedding band and also since I never blogged it, I thought it appropriate to put it down here. Check the emeralds set inside the wedding ring—cool or what!


So here I am with my boiler. I spent a whole two days to make the level/sight glass thingi. I had to do it three times over before I got it right-ish. The copper chimney still has to have some brass embellishments made on it.

This is going to be REAL steam punk, not play play stuff. Like the Dino War Machine


I still have to make the fire door and burner , where the Koki drawings are.

I actually have also nearly finished the pressure gauge, but I will leave that for the next post

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