Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two New Rings, and Working Towards My Island

This is a fabricated ring of my own design.
In a perfect world I would only design and make rings of this nature.
Then I would sell millions of them and buy an island
and launch inter planetary rockets all day long.
When the sun set I would watch a private concert by Pink Floyd
in the same setting as in Live in Pompeii.
Hey don't blame me, I am not crazy about Britney Spears.
Although for the life of me I can't understand why she also
doesn't buy an island and launch rockets.
It's de rigueur, babes....

Anyway, I carved this stone into a soft cushion shape
and it comes in a 3.50 carats.

Yellow and white gold set with a ten pointer in the middle
and thirty points on the sides.
I made the two shanks out of two plates of gold that were glued
together and the pierced and filed out.
That way they are identical.

After I had drilled the center hole into the aquamarine
and polished the hole without mishap I carved and polished the outside
of the stone.
Then I made the tube and soldered a jump ring onto it.
The tube is set with two little prongs underneath.
The ring weighs ten grams.
I like my rings to weigh between ten and eighteen grams.

This ring is also my own design and this one was first carved in wax and then cast.

The aquamarine weighs ten carats.
It started off at 15 carats, so my recovery was not bad at all.
Sometimes the rough just is shaped just ready to be carved into the final shape.
Doesn't happen often though.
Normally my recovery rate is 20% or less and sometimes,
on a bad hair day, it is zero percent.
Okay, bad hair day might be inappropriate for me.
Rather a bad bald day.
You know, like two mosquito bites on your bald pate....
That's a bad bald day...

Generally carved custom designs of mine come out heavier that my fabricated pieces.
This one is no exception weighing in a 24 grams with .30cts of diamond.
It will not be cheap.... and if anyone want to buy it, do it now.
I need that island.

This is the ring sprued up and ready for casting.
Some goldsmiths look down on casting, saying that it's not real goldsmithing.
Some think that fabrication is the only way to be called a goldsmith.
I don't think so at all.
The top ring would be very difficult to make in wax and cast.
It would require at least two separate cast parts in two different metals, ( the ring consists of 10 different parts) so fabrication is easier.
The bottom ring would require a large hunk of gold the size of an island
to start with if one wanted to fabricate it.
Or endless patience with thin sheet gold.
However, wax casting is more flexible and quick and an island
is very difficult to carve into a ring.
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