Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Boiler Is Finished


This is an exploded picture of my boiler . Maybe that is not such good terminology, the exploded part, I mean..

Including the parts that are soldered together, there are about 200 separate pieces.


Ta Da, finally finished  300mm (1 foot) high, and 250mm ( 9 inches) wide. 3oocc of water. About on third of a quart, I think.


I made little doors that can swing open so that is is easy to light the gas burner.


This is the doors open and the burner a-burnin’---on low flame. And yes, the boiler does work. It takes about 7 minutes to start producing steam.


This is a close-up of the little filler cup that water is poured into for filling



This is a picture of the level glass. It is a glass tube the shows the water level so the boiler doesn't boil dry. I was a real mission to make but after three attempts I sort of got it ok. It works and it does not leak under pressure, which was my biggest fear.



The pressure gauge, works a treat too.


Bottom view. On the left is the gas line that fits into the center propane gas burner. I have a variable regulator for the gas pressure so when the burner is alight I can dial up the strength of the flame.

On the right is my Liney motor that I built before. It runs, but I don’t like it. I think it is a lousy design, so I am going to build a proper steam engine next.

Actually, I am not sure. I would like to build a miniature black powder cannon before the steam engine. But a little birdie says the local cops will wet their brooks if they get to hear of it so a steam engine it will probably be…….

I really enjoyed building this boiler, especially since it works and I didn’t put myself into orbit.


I want the steam engine to power this electrical dynamo that I built last year. Then once that is going I want to buy one of those silly iPhone’s , or maybe my Kindle and retro steam punk it so that it is a REAL steam punk phone/reader.

Long term steam punk  project and all that.

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