Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Face book

Now I have never been a fan of facebook, mainly because I always figured it was a young persons thing. And for that matter, I still do.
Anyway so last Saturday, I sort of started typing in old buddies names in the search thing and fracking hell, they mostly all there.
Oh boy did I go into a age shock thing.
My friends, their hairlines weren't taking to their eyebrows any more.
They had got a chin for every day of the week, just like me.
They had spread out just like me.
Some, Giah forbid, were grand parents.
Twice, thrice married
Frack, frack, double frack....
And they all on Face book.
All these old Ballies, these old Topies, like me.
But boy, was it nice connecting with them again.
People I had not heard of for twenty years.
Some who I would definitely not have recognised, and they probably me.
Technology, ain't she cool.
Here I am.
I even got a family member as a friend who I have never met, and there are some meevis' ( or is that meevi) that I will ask to talk to, to see if they are related.
So cool.
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