Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Composite Stone and a Black Widow Spider.

This picture is of the composite stone I am cutting now at 8000 grit.
I took this to show the difference of texture between beryl and quartz.
Beryl is easy to polish but quartz is tiresome, with the surface polishing slowly and new scratches appearing easily.
This stone was only possible because I have a Darkside Lap, made by
Jon Rolfe, of Battlap fame.
He has managed, in a few short years, to change the face of polishing
gemstones, that has resulted in a massive increase in the quality and a massive decrease in the time spent to the finished product.
Trust me on this one.
I would not be able to cut a stone like this without the Darkside.

The result of mixing purple and blue is indigo.
This stone throws a strong three colour vista.

Showing the two different stone materials.

There is a nice jin and yang swoop in this stone.

Australian view.

A temporary picture of the other composite stone I am busy with.
Diamonds and emeralds are going to be set in the center white gold stripe.
More coming when it's set in a titanium piece of jewellery.

She waits for a sucker to come ambling along.

Anne saw this sub adult Black Widow spider near our
shop sign.
After some weeks of us going out at night to see if she, (Anne) was
right, we finally caught her. (spider)
I used to keep Widows as pets when I was a teenager, so I was
quite sure that Anne was right with her original identification.
But yesterday the web was newly spun, ( 1st picture is a typical
Widow web construction) and those legs proved her to be she.

Top view.
These spiders, although common world wide are not common here on the island.
They are not really dangerous, contrary to legend.
However they are venomous and since there was NO chance of me keeping her
as a pet ( divorce and all that) , she was duly executed.
Shame, poor thing.
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