Saturday, August 14, 2010

Diamond Necklace, Carved Aquamarine Pendant and a new Painting.

White gold and diamond necklace.
A whole lot of jump rings and dangle bits and
gallery work.
About 60grams of gold and 7 carats of diamond.

My latest carved aquamarine pendant.
Made out of 18 ct yellow and white gold, set with diamonds
and a 7.7ct aquamarine.

The aquamarine is carved so that it 'folds' over
the white gold swirl .

The swirl was soldered in after the aquamarine had been set.
Delicate soldering that.
10 grams in total.

From time to time I pick up a brush or two and paint some stuff.
This is my latest one in oils on canvas.
Normally I paint meter high paintings, so this is the smallest
I have done in a while, at 260mm x 200mm.
It is a Crowned Lapwing female guarding her eggs.
( see the eggs?) They very well camouflaged.
I used to do ringing ( called banding in America) for the
Avian Demography Unit of the University of Cape Town
when I lived in Botswana.
As I approached her eggs she came out at me and by luck I snapped
this picture.
I then beat a hasty retreat, because she was not a little bit
scared of me.
It's a female thing, that.
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