Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gold and Titanuim Pendant with Diamonds and Emeralds.

I posted pictures these a couple of posts back.
White gold soldered onto the dop.

Hxtal resin --5 days for hardening

The stone being faceted on my Imahashi gem cutting machine.
This pendant took 10 working days to make.
There are 52 individual components, either screwed or
soldered together.
The center stone swings freely back and forth.
It does not swing sideways, nor does it turn around..
This is because the emerald part screws into the center
white gold section of the stone, and is locked in place by
a locking pin that was inserted from the back of the
stone and goes through the screw.
(does that make sense?)
Anyway, it works, trust me.............

The front and back components of the pendant are pierced
out of two solid titanium plates and the filed and sanded to shape.
The front and back are held apart by 18ct yellow gold spacer tubes through which a threaded gold screw runs. On the front of the screw is a small diamond set in a tubeand at the back of the screw is a gold custom made nut , holding
the whole contraption together.

The diamonds are partially recessed into the titanium so as not to have a
nipple look.( not that I mind nipples at all, I'll have you know.)
Just seemed more fluid, visually.
Size is 50mm x 30mm and it weigh 15 grams.
The lightness is because of the titanium being very light
for its size.
The center stone weighs 25 carats, ( 5 grams) this being more heavy because of
the white gold strip that runs through it.

Outside my shop window, 'nuf said.

The sign seems somewhat redundant, me thinks.
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