Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurricane Uncle Earl

Uncle Earl in full cry.

Uncle Hans in full cry. Chillin' out with a cool beer in 110 kilo wind.
It doesn't look it but that rain hurts when it hits you....

Little company truck got kicked.
A board blew off from the next door neighbour.
And I just know the next door owner does not have insurance.

My buddies restaurant sign.

One roof, from the building in the background.

Maho trashed.

A runoff from the island causes the two colour sea.

The sand being piled up from the Sunset Bar road.
So, as of today, the curfew ended at 12h00 but of course nobody pays any attention.
10h30 we were on the road.
There is still no electricity.
We have on the island a electricity supply company called GEBE. ( Generates Everything But Electricity)
They are the most useless bunch of retards on this fair planet earth.
In 15 years since the last big hurricane, they still have not managed to bury all the cables.
165 power failures last year.
Three weeks down time in total.
We anticipated 4 days no electricity but tomorrow Fiona hits us.
Luckily she is not very developed, but developed enough to give GEBE another lump in their pants, make no mistake.

Check out the video of Uncle Earl HERE
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