Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pearl Earrings, Rings, Laminated Stones.

A new set of South Sea pearl and diamond earrings made of 18ct white gold.
Delicate work, them little jump rings and all.

A blue-green tourmaline that I cut and set into a ring of my own design.
This tourmaline comes from Namibia.
I bought the rough when I was on a birding trip some years ago.
I think Namibia is the most beautiful country on this planet.

This is an 18ct and titanium cross with five tiny diamonds.
It is only 35mm high.
When I started making it I thought it would be easy,
but frack, this thing took a long time to make.
I made U shaped channeling with the method described here.
But the mission was press fitting the titanium.
I must have made each piece twice.
Happens like that in this trade :)

Here is a piece that originally was designed in Zimbabwe, back
in the time when there was still sanity in that country.
I retired much of my "african" flavoured jewellery when I moved to St. Maarten
because the imagery here is sea shells and star fish and the like.
But elephants have a universal appeal, it seems.

This is my latest experiment in laminated stones
Other experiments are here and here and here and here
amongst others.

This one was made with clear cubic zirconia at the bottom cut into a square brilliant cut.
Then green Nigerian tourmaline, 18ct gold and Nigerian aquamarine was laminated on the top.
Later I am going to set pavé diamonds into the gold.

Australian view.

This is an experimental laminated tourmaline.

An experimental red and green garnet stone.

This is my pie diagram for the upcoming St Maarten Elections.
Now you see big page adverts in the newspapers.
"The young lions and lionesses". "4 you" "For Change" they scream.
After the elections, you see fuck all of them for four years.
Politicians SUCK

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