Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Mobile Bench

Many years ago I had a mobile jewellery workbench that included everything that is necessary in a basic workshop to make jewellery.
Melting, rolling, fabrication and polishing.
I described it Here

Unfortunately my workshop was reduced to ashes by a fire that was started by the hotel staff where I was situated at the time.
My bench is at the bottom left.
Anne and I have for the last two years been wanting to leave this island and the time has now come for me to pull finger and build another mobile bench.

So we start. I buy a few lengths of 30mm x 30mm x 2mm square tubing and some 25 x 25 mm x 2mm square as well.

Then I cut the 30 mill tubing and weld this shape up.
Length 1260mm
Depth 700mm.
Center bar 600mm.
I make two of these .

Sorry, the only picture I got of both, somewhat further into the work than the above picture shows. ( I get hung up )

Anyway, now I tack on some 30 mm square, 50 mm high on each corner .
I'll weld it properly later, but for now I just want to get everything nice and square .
( tacking allows for tap adjustment. )

Like this.

This is to fit a 25mm sq length into it.
The reason I go to this effort is because I want to be able to take this thing apart, so it is easier to transport or to get up stairs or narrow doorways.
Like that.

The basic structure, tacked together.
Height is approximately 925mm.
Two afternoons work gets me this far.
This is the easy part.
The finicky stuff comes later.
I anticipate this project to last three months.
I will be posting as I go along.
Along with the jewellery I am still making.
I am going to make a dedicated blog and cross post just for this project, otherwise it will be too disjointed, what with all the other junk I post here.
You just never know, someone might want to build one as well.
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