Monday, September 20, 2010

Pendants and The Mobile Bench

Here is something interesting.
Many years ago, I purchased a parcel of rough sapphire from some scaly dudes from Tanzania.
At least, that is where they said they were from.
After I had cut all the nice shaped stones, I was left with a bunch of mackles.
So what I did is cut the stones about 1.5mm thick with two tables on either side and a small row of random facets around the bottom.
Set the stones in 18ct tubes with some diamonds and ta da --a sort of Plique a jour effect in gemstones.
All natural colours.
Took a while to cut them, though.

Here is a pendant in gold with diamonds and an amethyst.

Okay, I have added more structural supports.
The closest middle one will support my file/hammer/plier tray.

Okay, okay, I know it looks rough, but it ain't finished .
This is a temporary bolt that all the main supports have.
As I said, I want this bench to be able to be completely taken apart, if necessary.

These are the guides for my plier tray.

Two pieces of angle iron welded together.
It is simple and very strong, because the tray is quite heavy.

This is my current (very dirty) plier/file/hammer/triblet tray.
It slides into my bench when I don't need it.
About 500mm long and 330mm wide.
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