Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Mobile Bench

So here was the start of the front of the bench.
I had this space in the center that I did not utilise with my previous benches ( this is my third one I am making)* and I decided to make storage space.
Do not kid yourself, this was a fracking MAJOR mission to make and fit.

The ali sectioning and the hinges, all fitting together, the opening and shutting and all that stuff made me sweat mucho.

But in the end it all clicks and shifts snugly into each other.
On the far left is the back of my Graver Max machine.
So that is my Graver Max cupboard section.
The long panel at the bottom will hold my paper stuff.
It can accept A5 size paper and also will hold all my sketch pads and the like.
The two drawers above that will hold all the polishing buffs and rouge stuff.
I haven't quite figured out precisely what will go where, but there is enough space for all the different buffs and bristles.
The half open little cupboard right next to the polishing motor will hold all my melting stuff. Crucibles, flux and such stuff.
Side view.
This is the front of the bench, showing the front of the Graver Max as well.
In my next post I will show how that machine is installed.
This is a picture of the unfinished closing mechanism of the cupboard doors.
The round thingi's are simply rare earth magnets.
All I did it to drill the correct size hole and epoxy them in.
( the first time I used glue in the construction of this bench)
They are attracted to iron wood screws on the other side.
Kiss...and works surprisingly well.
No bothersome catches and levers and stuff like that.
* This is my third mobile bench that I have made.
The first one was somewhat primitive but worked well enough to prove the concept, and show the design faults.
I sold that one to a partner that I had in a jewellery business as part of her buy out price.
The second was destroyed in a fire as posted in the first post.
So now I have a reasonable idea what I am doing, and I am really enjoying building this one.
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