Friday, November 19, 2010

Pendants, Pins and Other Thins


Here is a nice commission. A  sort of whimsical seascape pendant and brooch. I put this picture in so one of the pins is visible under the sun with the blue sapphire. At the bottom of the dolphin the other pin tip is visible. The bail is behind the clouds. About 125 mm x 75mm.  ….5” x 3” 


Close up of the pelican. Skimming across the water.


I drew and then cut the dolphin out of  1.2mm plate. Then I filed it half round and finished it off with a 3m 400 grit brush.


Tiny coral with a ancient pearl.


Sun with tiny palm trees.


Here is a gold multi coloured piece. On the top is fused gold that has been dunked hot into room temp sulphuric acid.This eats the copper out and then makes the surface very yellow with pure gold. A light polish highlights the high relief sections and leaves the gold still in the recesses.



Record Section, for my records.

I work in any metal and make stock and other things.



Found clam shell. I had to place a red stone inside so that it rattled. So I ground down a synthetic corundum.


I made a silver gimzo that clamps everything together and also serves as the bail attachment. This is the back view of the pendant prior to peening the rivet over. A very delicate thing because the shell is very fragile…do not drop.


And some shells joined together for the same person.






A warthog pendant. I made three of these

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