Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Ring and my Personal Lagoon

I do like making this kind of ring, if only because it is my signature type of jewellery design.
This ring in 18ct set with a colour G .95ct. Nice stone too.
The front of the ring is made using a doming block.
I like mixing white and yellow gold the most.
I make my own white gold.
10 gram fine, 2 grams palladium and 1 gram of silver.
It gives a strongly coloured white gold that is nice and soft.
Not like nickle golds.
I hate nickle golds. I refuse to work with them.

I purposely didn't solder everything in.
I wanted to leave a separation from the wires to the diamonds and tube.

Here is an old brass alarm clock from France that I refurbished.
A nice example of a really cheap traveling alarm clock of yesteryear.
I used one of those bristle brushes from Rio that have got to different grits.
It was very tarnished and pretty ruined on the outside.
I think the trick is not to finish it off to well.
Sort of still looking oldish.
The hand at 5 'o clock is the thing where the alarm time is set.
And when it goes of it makes a sound so harsh it wakes up the dead.
That is, of course if it is at all possible to fall asleep while it is ticking.
because it kinda ticks loud too.

The road to the airport was finally finished and of course that is the time that the 'suits' to arrive to plan the ceremony.
And then hold it, the ceremony, I mean.
Much self important bullshit.
Cops with big bellies, and a large buffet with those stainless steel serving boxes that are filled with military canteen food.
Chicken wings, jonny cake and relish with beer in plastic disposable cups.
Live music and lots of backslapping.

A month or so after the opening ceremony, the contractors started to fix the entrance to our shop.
It was time.
We were very compromised because we found out that out clients did not like to don mountain climbing gear to come and visit us.
Loved all this heavy machinery outside my shop.
This is the bitumen laying down machine.
An impressive piece of machine.
There is a truck that fills the machine with hot bitumen and then it comes out the back and viola! road
I Africa there would have been a dozen workers and this machine would not be needed.

This backacter is an amazing machine.
Fascinating how much control the hydraulics have over such a heavy arm and scoop.
The driver is able to move that scoop in the tiniest of motions.

And eventually the first layer of bitumen was down,
We did ask the engineers how the drainage would work.

They assured us with complete confidence that it would drain into the lagoon.

Also that the side of the building would be no problem.
This was normal rain, not particularly heavy.
Check the flotsam that washed up on our own personal beach.
Now I must supply scuba gear to my clients.
Engineers are fuck wits.
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