Monday, November 29, 2010

Rings and Concrete


This is a classic ring I made. Fourteen princess cut stones with a center diamond. This is actually five separate rings. Square stones are a little more tricky to set. These were all slightly different sizes so they were quite challenging, but it all worked out well in the end.Diamond-square-Wedding-set

The center stone is a very nice white and clear stone. Before Diamond Rings

Made from these two old rings.Multi-Colour-Ring-2

This is a style ring that is very popular in my shop and one I like making too. The center stone is an uncut chocolate coloured diamond, and an emerald and a tourmaline and garnet. Other than the diamond, who’s shape I cannot change, I make an asymmetrical tube , solder it onto the ring shank and then grind the stone with diamond wheels, to fit the tube. Once I have it fitting, I then grind it down and polish the top. So every stone is only for that tube.Broun-Diamond-Ring

Here is one set with three chocolate uncut diamonds that has a 18 kt white gold background and fused with yellow gold. Since the white gold has a much higher melting temperature than yellow gold, I first fuse/melt the white gold ring edges. Then I ‘braze’ the yellow gold on, much like if it were solder.Brown-Diamond-Ring

Because the ring in in an anticlastic shape it makes it very comfortable to wear. Just love those brown diamonds. Now I just need some pink ones from the Argyle mine in Aussie. ( hint hint Santa Claus)


Dit was ‘n hele affair, ek sĂȘ vir jou. Serious metal work.


And then the concrete. The guy on the left has got this vibrator thingi that collapses the concrete so there no bubbles after it’s hard. And no, one cannot buy this model in a sex shop, so don’t even try.


After this was hard it got a layer on screed on top, which I naturally scratched my name in……Front-finished-(1)

My private lagoon is nearly finished. Really neat. Problem is the customers still have to figure out to drive around the crash barriers to get to the shop.


Nice that the crash barriers are up, though. We had visions of cars parking in our show room. Which is not bad really, except that the drivers are then usually drunk, so the seldom buy jewellery. Weird thing, that.


Check little Copyright trying to hide from the camera!

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