Monday, December 27, 2010

Amethyst Doublet and Aqua Cab and other Stuff.

This is my latest composite gemstone.  I like the colour of amethyst and so I cut a small slab of amethyst and polished one side. 

Then I laminated it to a piece of Cubic Zirconia ( gasp) with Hxtal NYL and faceted it into a brilliant. I always facet fully experimental stones into a brilliant, because it gives me a measure of  how good or bad it is. I know brilliants quite well, and I have many failed experiments to compare with.……….Amethyst-and-Cubic-Doublet-1

Okay, so my reasoning is that quartz is a low refractive index stone but amethyst is a good colour. So if I have a amethyst top with a high RI bottom like CZ, then the stone will be much more lively than a standard Amethyst. That indeed proved to be the case with the stone showing some extinction and not such a busy pavilion as a standard round CZ has.  However, the overall conclusion that this is a failure and not worth pursuing further.


This is a ring that came in with a busted sapphire.


The client wanted to have a very shallow aqua replace the broken sapphire. But the Aqua became a black hole when it was put in place, because of the hole in the ring. So I made a small oval white gold plate that was polished to a mirror finish and soldered into the bottom of the hole. Two small holes in the plate allows for cleaning.It solved the black hole problem and made it look a cool and soft blue.


So guess what. A sub adult female black widow spider on St Maarten right where we killed two mature females not a month ago. It is patently obvious that these female black widow spiders of low and loose morals.

Reason is that there has been an explosion of black widows here and no wedding music was heard. So one can assume that these young unmarried female black widow spiders are hanging out in every nook and cranny and having unprotected sex with every nine legged stud that happens to come swinging past.

I suppose they have to be, since when you eat your lover after sex , eventually the males wise up and rather go round the corner and do a hand job..

Gold Supply

I thought I would share this picture with my readers. This is Mr. Barthomuleo and Mr. J. B. Smith taking stock of the monthly supply of gold and platinum delivery to the workshops of Hans Meevis

juuuuuust kidding…..

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