Saturday, December 4, 2010

Compressor Stuff and First Accident.

Shame, my compressor has been a faithful servant for over ten years. The first problem was caused by ol’ bright eyes himself, when he didn’t check the oil when it was transported from Botswana to St. Maarten. It never dawned on me that someone would remove the oil.   The poor thing  seized not long after I started it. Luckily, it was a heat seize and so after adding some oil, she started up rather unwillingly at first. She got better at time went on, but she had developed the most almighty clatter in the compressor motor.  And I am talking about a clatter that is so loud the speaking is impossible when she is running.


The heat seize melted the contacts and fracked up most stuff. And since the whole thing came with a guarantee of no spare parts available, I just wired it up direct.

And so she worked for the next five years.


Compressor-4 Very low maintenance wiring. You switch it on at the wall and when the tank is full, you switch it off.Compressor-2

Anyway, she suddenly started spitting out find granules that looked a bit like sand. Not good on your jewellery. But when I pulled the whole thing open there was a different story. There was some kind of chemical reaction between the aluminium or cast alloy base. I pulled it all apart and then turned the surfaces flat on my lathe.


Then I made a flat piece of steel and with the existing bolts and some silicone as a gasket sealer, sealed off the part where the electrical controller had been.

Unfortunately, the one way valve coming from the compressor into the tank was leaking, so air was pissing out of the motor’s casing while it was switched off.


So I added a needle valve in the into line. This was only because the one way  valve was quite corroded, and there is no way I want to hunt up spares for a trash machine like this. So when the compressor is switched off, the valve is closed. When the compressor is running, the valve must be open or damage will result in the compressor. Very important thing, that. But hey, the machine runs and does it’s job again, so I am happy.


You know, with every cause there is an effect. With every change there is a  result. And this dude was the first result of change. The first accident on the brand new corner in Simpson Bay near the runway. And I must say, with only a small accident, he managed to fuck his car up good and proper.


The dude’s disassembled side windows on the road


Customers trying to get to Hans’ shop…juuuust kidding…. just a normal traffic jam.

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