Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Ring and a Solder Thingi


I seldom do work in 14kt white gold, but if I need some I mix up the mixture from Brepohl which is 58.5% gold and the rest palladium. I know it is hellishly expensive, only two or three dollars under 18kt white at today’s prices, but it is really nice to work with. Nice colour too. Polishes a bit like platinum too, like you got to get the scratches out first. When it is being worked, it’s got a stainless steel colour, but it polishes up nice and white. I use 20kt white gold solder to solder it.


My old soldering bakkie thingi was becoming a pain. My bench to is cockatiel proof, but my solder chips were not.So I had to make the leap from dead still to lethargy because they kept on “eating” my solder chips. In two microseconds flat, just as I turn by back, there is an array of mixed solder chips on my bench, sparkling like beach sand. Also there is a LOT of dust in St Maarten, so my solder bakkies had to be cleaned out constantly. A big fat drag, having no apprentice at the moment. ( an apprentice makes many things difficult and many things easy--Ed)


Anyway, I started making a new prototype for my new bench, with materials scrounged around the workshop. I cut out a strip of plexi glass and then drilled it with the wood drill shown in a drill press. The grey strip is a piece of foam plastic.Soldering-Station-1

And then I concocted a magodi like this. The brass sectioning is the hinge for the lid and also holds the back, which is made out of 6mm neutral Perspex. The bottom shelf is an afterthought, I am going to see is I can store my solder strips there. At the moment they all in a flat boxie on my bench top and it takes up space.Soldering-Station-back

The back, which I am going to double side tape to my present bench. I use 3mm self tapping screws in the plastic. Just drill the hole a touch smaller, like 2.5- 2.7mm and use a bit of oil when the screw is being screwed in the first time.


Anti dust and cockatiel test model installed.


With my soldering pad extended, I know I am going to fry the thing from time to time. The next and final one I will make out of aluminium for my mobile bench. I'm not sure the solder strip shelf will work—we’ll see….


This was sent on to me from another goldsmith. Apparently this sign is stuck in the gent’s restroom of a jewellery store.

For some weird reason Live Writer clips off some of the picture so you got to click it to size up.

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