Friday, December 17, 2010

Tourmaline Necklace, Pearls and Fused Ring, More work on the Mobile Bench.


Here is an 18kt piece that I made on commission for Vicky. It came out very nice, methinks. The tourmaline is 6.08ct and is about 30mm x 8mm and the links above have .40ct of diamond. All the links are bark engraved and then polished. It gives a very nice effect.


A 1100 mm pearl string made out of 18kt yellow and white gold. With some heart shaped diamonds and various other bits and pieces between them. I have come to the conclusion that any string approaching one meter is a lot of work. Came out nice though.


Here’s another fused ring I made for a Dutch couples daughter. I thought it very cool that hubby and wife come in together and design a ring ( very fastidiously )  for their daughter.


My bench progresses. I made a side board that is removable to hang the tools that I use most.


The whole affair can plug out of 10mm tubing bolted to the side of the bench top. The stainless steel bars are from an old printer that I took apart. I take things apart. They yield fruit often.


A momentous occasion. Like first light through a telescope. The installation of the BENCH PEG  The most intimate, sacred part of the bench. Where the forehead meets the wood with percussive force sometimes. Even teeth marks have been seen on  bench pegs. The scratch marks are from my graver, though, not because of my finger nails. And the burnt part is because I put rings that are red hot down there. I like the smell of wood smoke at the bench.


Frackin’ mean boat. The actual colour of her is gun metal gray. Seriously, seriously macho, dude. Taken from my shop window at maximum tele lens.

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