Monday, January 17, 2011

Aqua Ring, A Stone, a Prize and Boats.

Aqua-Sapphire-Ring-1 This is my latest Aqua ring. I like carving beryl. It polishes easy and if the colour is good, as in this one, it resembles  flowing water. Aqua-Sapphire-Ring

I cut the sapphire in a standard brilliant cut. It comes from Aussie and, like the aqua is untreated. The aqua and sapphire are set in 18kt white gold and the shank is yellow gold.


This is my latest lamination stone. All natural this time, with citrine, clear quartz and amethyst. I used to not bother cutting quartz a few years ago because it is a hassle to polish. Just when you on the last facet, a fracking fat scratch appears and you start all over again. This became such a mission, that I stuck to cutting anything but quartz.

Enter Jon Rolfe, aka Gearloose. The inventor of the Batt lap and the Darkside lap. (amongst many other things )


This is a picture  from his website of the lap that I used to finish the above stone.. Apart from being a thoroughly nice guy, he re- invented the entire gem polishing industry’s methodology as far as faceting is concerned. The outside rim is a tin alloy that is used for final cutting and the black inside is a polymer of some sort that he invented that is used to do the final polish. Not on scratch—ever. Thus he hereby earns the  Hans Meevis’ ,---- drum roll please……


for ever and ever.



Every now and again Anne and I go down to Spinnaker for breakfast on a Sunday morning. It is lekker to watch the bridge open and all the fancy boats go past. The black bags are to stop the yacht from scraping the bridge sides, thus protecting the captains job. Boat

Shiny, captain, shiny.Coast-Guard

And even in St. Maarten there is a cop under every bush. Actually, the coast guard.Anne-at-Spinaker

An angel reading a menu.Jewellery-earrings

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