Friday, January 21, 2011

Composite Stone, Drilled Diamond and the Licence.


Here  is a composite stone made out of aquamarine and amethyst. coming in at 3.6 carats.  Blue and purple make indigo and this stone certainly reflects that when it is viewed in natural light.

Hassle with photographing this stone is that on the one side the amethyst is not purple enough and on the other side the aqua is to blue. But you can get the drift of colour if you slap yourself on the one cheek hard and then the other  harder. Try it, you’ll see the real colour……....

I regard this stone as a success, finally, in terms of the visual effect. Namely in that it produces  blue and purple on either side and indigo colour in the middle, which is not really obvious in the photo, but which I was hoping for.

That is saying something, because my gem box is littered with dud and junk results of my composite experiments. This is fracking difficult stuff because you never know the play of colour and the polishing of two materials next to each other is quite complex sometimes. ( Idiot quartz against comfortable beryl.) …….. The Darkside composite laps have smoothed things out somewhat, though..( no pun intended )

Hole-in-Diamond Since I am talking about unusual stones, the other day a customer came into my shop with a set of earrings that I found quite intriguing. A hole drilled through a diamond so that it can hang on a jump ring.Hole-in-Diamond-1

I only had time to photograph this  ( with her permission ) so the earring is not cleaned up, but this is not something I have seen before.

Okay so you going to screw the value of the diamond up for sure , but these were only .10ct, so no big deal. Quite amazing. I would love to take a pair of pliers and twist the diamond and see which one breaks first. The jump ring or the diamond. I think that a laser will have drilled the hole, but I wonder what the success  rate must be— heat on a tiny girdle edge –something ala composite gemstones perhaps?


Just before Anne and I came to St Maarten we went to our very good friends Barry and Nadine’s house for a couple of drinks and stuff and then we were going to go out to dinner.

Anyway, when we walked out to my car, all laughing and talking, the fucking Kombi Syncro was gone. Gone. It was parked, and now it was not parked there anymore. Stolen. A real fucking bummer.

And along with it went my Id documents and my car and bike licences. There was no time to get duplicates in South Africa, so I arrived in St Maarten a roadside virgin. Since there was no licence to show and therefore, they could not be transferred to a EU licence, I had to do them all over again.

I did my car licence and now I have done my bike licence.

I am 55 years old and I had to do my bike licence AGAIN. I have  owned more than 20 motorbikes and I started riding when I was 15 so that is 40 years, if my arithmetic is correct.  I have built up motor bikes from scratch, raced them and lived them all my life. And I had to do bike lessons and all that stuff. Fraaaaaaaack!!


A piece of shit Chinese copy of a 125 Honda. Chinese bikes are KAK.      Check the L  sign…. Right…..


Learning how to zig zag a bike. Oh me, oh my…


So after I did my lessons, on the day I had to do my test, the fucking thing did not start. Not 5000 kicks on the starter did the trick. It had a electric starter but the owner said he couldn’t get a battery, so you kick dude.

Anne and I tried to push start the bike and even though she took off  her fancy high heels and pushed barefoot on the tar and we both worked up a major sweat and panting, nothing  got that hired heap of shit started.

So I pushed it back to the owner’s office.  That’s me pushing and pissed off big time.

But the people in the licensing office were very cool, ( they actually a really nice bunch of people )

“Hey no problem, come tomorrow mon.”  Island style… And I came the next day and with another bunch of newbie's, I passed my licence. ( did you think I wouldn’t ?)


I made Anne take this picture.

So me doos.

But I love riding bikes.

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